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Impressions at the Beach

                                             Impressions at the Beach
                                              Sand between my fingers;
                                           Sound of waves on the shore;
                                        Warmth of the sun on my back.
                                               Watching children build
                                                 sand castles and canals
                                              to carry cargos of dreams.
                                             Seems my life is contained
                                               in this microcosm of life-
                                                 here on the beach; Me-
                                               the sea- the sun- the sky.
                                                Time to commune with
                                                my thoughts and nature.
                                                To be made whole by the
                                                  caressing touch of the
                                              wind on body, mind, soul;
                                                The warmth of the sun
                                                     caressing my body
                                                          the feel of sand
                                                the sound of the waves
                                                       lulls me to sleep                                    
                                            As I lie here on the beach
                                             Dreaming of sand castles. 
                                                                                      by Clara Betty Deese
                                                                           Mendocino, Calif. –  Seventy’s

                                      (written on a camping trip to Mendocino)
                                           copyrighted by CBC 1976