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This picture was taken in March 2005 when Deat...

This picture was taken in March 2005 when Death Valley had a tremendous display of wildflowers after an extremely wet year. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The mountains seem unchanging
as I gaze upon them today
Yet down through the ages they
have fallen and crumbled away
through earthquakes, floods,
 forces of nature.
Some have been built back up
You can see where they have
not always been the same.
They are always changing,
And I see as I never have before –
nothing is unchangeable,
in this world, except God.
 HE ONLY is the “Rock” on
which we can stand.
All other things WILL BE
shaken and fall
regardless of how firm or
permanent they appear.
By Clara Betty Deese
(written on a trip to Death Valley)