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Random Acts of Senseless Violence

Random Acts of Senseless Violence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Been awhile since  I’ve ‘blogged’-so here goes.  I announced on Facebook that I was going to do a blog, so can’t back out now.

What’s been on my mind and a lot of people’s minds, the last 2 weeks, I’m sure is the senseless killings. Why do we add ‘senseless? It is redundant.  Isn’t every killing senseless unless it’s in self-defense or a mercy killing, – to ease someone’s suffering as they would be in more pain if they lived.  Back to the question that is on everyone’s’ mind, even when they are trying not to think about it or tune it out by watching things that don’t matter or are not real on TV or the computer, or the ever-present cell phones. Why did it happen? WHY?

Not only the most recent school killings, but all the others. Is our world going mad? Is it because of guns or lack of guns as the NRA wants to claim.  Is it the government  or politicians at blame? Is it because of  violence on TV, the way our teachers teach or the parents discipline or lack of discipline.  Is it terrorism? It is probably a combination of many things and needs to be addressed on several levels, and every shooting will not be for the same reasons, but there must be some underlying causes that tie them  together-why is there more and more violence then there was 20 years ago or even 10?

I’m sure there are many more capable people trying to solve this  than me, but I think this is a time when we all need to be working together to come up with a solution.  A time when we all need to do what we can.

Maybe the big answer to this question and all violence on the earth is that there is evil in the world and evil people.  So what can we do about that -besides kill them or have our officials arrest them and punish them. And it would take awhile to kill them all. I don’t think violence or war is the answer.

Until we can come up with a bigger solution or our politician can-(whom we seem to depend on to do everything)  maybe we can do something to make it better that won’t cost us a thing, doesn’t take a vote in congress, and doesn’t even require a lot of knowledge.

The one thing we can all be is  –  a little  kinder to one another.. a little  more patient, a little more compassionate.  What will that accomplish? you say.  Well it might be, that the next person you run into in a bank line or waiting to pay for their groceries or waiting to get a parking space may be ready to explode. Maybe your smile, my smile, or a kind remark may be just the thing that will keep them from going over the edge, or our yelling at them in traffic, or being rude to them in line might be just the thing that sets them off.  How about it. It’s not rocket science,  doesn’t take a lot of effort or time,  but it just may help someone, somewhere in your own little corner.  And let’s face it our little corner is not very little anymore with all the instant communication available now.  Maybe our little ripple can affect the ocean of life, especially if  others also make  ripples….. THERE CAN BE HOPE.