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One Woman’s Journal of Bereavement..


I have been meaning to blog about  my husband leaving this earth to be with the Lord (what many call “passing”-very few say “dying”)  May 25th will be  the first anniversiry of his death. That word is so hard to write.

He was in a coma for 3 days before he died.  I will be writing about that time, sharing some from  my journal written while I was staying at the hospital with him.  I hope that it will minister to others who have gone through a similar  experience of losing a spouse, or loved one,while also serving  as personal therapy in the hopes that by writing about my memories, I will find some kind of closure, release and healing from the twin  demons of guilt and depression.  During this next week,  as memories of my husbands passing will be especially close to my heart, I will be adding bits and pieces of my heartache to this blog.

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