Footprints in Africa….by Jane Johann


This is a very poignant story of how one woman showed her love for the children of the world…

Footprints of Thoughts

One particular moment in time, where the sun meets the equator,

I had a  chance meeting with a tall, Turkana gentleman…

who left an indelible mark on my soul…

While living in Kenya, as an Associate Member of the MSOLA (Missionary Sisters of Our  Lady of Africa), one of the most precious moments of my life was visiting the Turkana people who had migrated down from the country north of Kenya. I had traveled northeast to visit my friend, Sister Maryann Calabrese, who had journeyed to Kenya with me. We found ourselves in two different locations–Sister Maryann worked as a social worker in Kisii, in the northeastern section of Kenya, and I found myself teaching in Kiriko, in a village nestled in the Aberdare Mountain range, 6,300 feet above sea level and 100 miles south of the equatorial line.

The day I visited with Maryann, she was to travel to the outskirts…

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I have always loved to write, it seemed as if I was born with a pencil in my hand. I have been a Christian most of my life and what I write is from that viewpoint. Within that framework I try to be factual and authentic in my feelings, to show that we are all alike and have similar problems and joys and that there is a Way through them... I took journalism in college and have done PR for various organizations. The genres I frequently write in are prose, short stories, essays, fiction and non-fiction for children and humorous articles, but what really speaks to me is poetry.I love to read what others have wrote and to try my hands at it.. You will find many poems here, mostly free verse. My sincere hope in sending these writings out into the vast cyber- world is that what I write will impart knowledge, lift someone up, give someone a chuckle to help get them though the day. I love to learn and pass on what I learn. to others. I believe "knowledge is power" if it is used rightly, and that "the pen is mightier than the sword." Just think if more people were writers, artists and dreamers, there might be less war and more love In the world. I hope you will 'like 'my blog and give me feedback so I know how I am doing and "Y'all come back- ya hear!!".

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  1. WOW….thank YOU for re-blogging me! It is a great honor to me…thank you! I think the honor goes to the Turkana people and to gentleman who was so gracious to me! I am not very strong on my own self-esteem, so it meant so much to me that he found me kind! His words lifted my spirits many times thereafter!

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