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Reflections on Thanksgiving


Late Night Reflections after eating too much food  – Well, like everyone else today, I celebrated Thanksgiving-the only truly American Holiday.  I would have been with family except my hubby and I were  sick, so the food was bought to  us, so still the family was involved and of course food-which seems to be the star of the show – even though we – I use the term loosely, talk a good talk about losing weight, and the virtues of being healthy,  few of us follow up on it when temptation stares us in the face .  I admit I’m just as guilty as anyone else, believe me!

The point I set out to make, which started my pondering, is the fact that we have got away from what Thanksgiving is about – supposedly giving Thanks to God- in our opursuit of pleasure. In fact it seems like most holidays have turned into an excuse to pursue pleasure instead of how they started out. Just think of the different holidays and see if any of them are celebrated for the same reason that they originally started out.

For example, take the 4th of July-does anyone really think about the reason we celebrate, I doubt that very few do-it’s an excuse for a party, to get drunk with friends, set off pretty fireworks and EAT.!  Where does the being thankful (again!) and mindful of our Freedom come in? And don’t even get me started on Christmas, which will soon be here and for most people can’t be over soon enough-except for the opening of presents and consuming too many calories, and yet we say we want to get out of debt and lose weight. I hear so many say they are tired of the commercialism – that Christmas has lost its true meaning. What ! want to know is what are we going to do about it – not say about it? What am I going to do about it?

But that is a subject for my next blog. Until then. This is enough to chew on for now.  Later.

Oh, one more thing -don’t you go in the kitchen and get that other piece of  pie! For Heaven sake, save something for tomorrow!!